Friday, February 3, 2012


I had alot of time to think last night with being sick all night and here are somethings that ran through my head. My boyfriend at the end of everyday right before I go to bed says "I love you" and he truly does by his actions. No people, our relationship is not picture perfect like people seem to think. But what leads me to this conversation is at the end of everyday God says "My child I love you" but his love is unconditional love. Our human love can be buried when we are hurt or mad at someone but his love always is faithful. He never turns his back on us it's us humans that turn our back on God. You may say well God let bad things happen to us but things like this happen to us because we all have sinful nature. You can't tell me you live without sin because if you do as much as I hate this word your a lier. Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being on this earth and he I beleive struggled with some of the things other people struggled with but at the end of the day he was still no sinner. Something else that ran through my head is even when I fight or disagree with my boyfriend at the end of the day he still says "Baby, I love you" which usually makes things all better but what hit me the hardest is I might get mad at him today but tomorrow I still get to talk to him and love on him. Just think about it all these people serving in the military don't get the same chance we do. They try to love on their family and significant others or whomever it maybe because they never know when they will speak to them again. So be thankful that you can disagree and makeup in the same day or the next day. But try your best not to go without forgiving that person the same hour you get mad because you never know that you may not see them ever again. God bless and I will add more thoughts later.

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Momma D said...

As I read all three of my children's blog, I see that God used their Father's death for good because it is letting them see him as their heavenly Father. If they had not went through what they did, they might be like a lot of Teenagers/Adults in the world. They are looking up and growing, how much more could a mother ask for. Thank you sweet child for sharing your thoughts. Love Mom